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“I wish we had more capable Managers and visionary leaders in our Group”

- Group Chairman, Large conglomerate


Medium to large businesses in the markets we serve in Asia, the Middle East and Africa have unprecedented growth opportunities. While there are short term challenges like rising protectionism and slower pace of globalization, these economies have tremendous potential for growth. Our customers tell us that what is holding them back is shortage of effective managers and visionary leaders who understand our culture and ethos. While they do hire external leaders from the industry for critical roles, they prefer to develop people from within.

Many of our clients are embarking on a multiyear plan to identity and invest in their middle Managers and senior Leaders to build a “talent bank”. While the clients have historically looked to the West for the best in management and leadership practices, some of them have started looking to the Far East as they find these practices better suited to their markets.

In addition to the private enterprises, government agencies and government companies are faced with greater accountability and better performance. They are also looking to reinvent some of their archaic practices and imbibe the best from the “Far East”.

Quest: Experience is the difference.

Quest has developed a unique proposition that combines the academic rigour of the leading institutions from the Far East with the practical insights from the recently retired senior executives from the leading firms. This unique combination – blended with the use of technology to create a hybrid experience provides a cost effective high quality management and leadership development solution.

Incorporated in 2002 in Singapore, Quest ontheFRONTIER is an established international corporate training company with presence in 7 locations including Shanghai, Hong Kong, Jakarta, HCMC, Delhi and Mumbai. Till we have trained over 5000 senior executives from over 400 companies in 53 countries. With an in-house team of 80 professionals, Quest is well positioned to develop and deliver executive and leadership development programs coupled with ongoing business and leadership coaching. To do this, Quest leverages its deep network of retired senior Executives and have also tied up with leading leadership institutes in Asia.


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Indian School of Business, Hyderabad, India


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